Peggy Loh – FatBoy’s Burger Bar is here!

The Fat Basterd is stacked high

with double patties, cheese and egg!

When I’m working at my desk, I will take a break every now and then to catch up with
local news on the net and that’s where I read that FatBoy’s the Burger Bar has
opened in Johor Baru.  Wow! This is the
real deal – juicy burgers with chilled beer – and they even have the option to
build-your-own-burger!  I know someone
who has been griping about a good burger meal in JB – the kind where he can
build-his-own – and I decide that this is where we must go very soon. 

After a few more minutes of reading, I log out and return to the page to complete a
feature I was writing about a group of sketch artists in Johor.  As I’m putting the final touches to my piece,
my thoughts are interrupted by my phone’s sudden ring.  I pick up and hear this guy speaking,
introducing himself as Jas Bhuller from FatBoy’s Burger Bar.  I can’t quite grasp what I’m hearing so I made
him repeat his intro because it’s truly quite uncanny that I was just reading
about them and now I get a call with an invite to taste FatBoy’s exciting menu!


Jas [Right] and his brother, Gurpreet

at FatBoy’s Johor Baru

first person I thought of to ask along is my nephew Aaron whose home for the
holidays.  One look at him will tell you
that he’s a true connoisseur of good food and I know he will not hesitate to share
his comments after he helps me sample FatBoy’s range of burgers.  We agreed on a date for lunch at FatBoy’s and
as Aaron had plans to leave early to join his gang for futsal games I asked my
friend, Florence to come along so that we can linger and leave together. 


the large number of eateries in Taman Sutera Utama, I know that parking along
the roads there can be quite a challenge but I’m pleased to find that FatBoy’s
is located just a stone’s throw away from the open carpark at the corner of
Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3.   In fact I’m
pleasantly surprised that there are many parking spaces to choose from.  With no hassle in the parking, Fatboy’s has already
scored two bonus points for this convenience!


in Singapore, FatBoy’s has four outlets there with three in Malaysia, located
in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya and the third in Johor Baru.  It’s easy to distinguish FatBoy’s by their corporate
bold Red, Black and White colours and the ubiquitous logo of that fat guy with
attitude on his face. 

FatBoy’s has seating choices: at the bar,

in booths or on benches at tables

A helpful waitress
is at the entrance to welcome us but I pause to take in the seating choices:
either on high stools at the “L” shaped long bar, in a row of cosy booths or on
long benches at wooden tables.  Subtle lighting
and the cool sounds of Elvis’s bluesy rock music all add up to a good ole American
diner sort of vibe and I’m more than ready for my FatBoy’s experience flavoured
with a touch of nostalgia.


greeted by Jas Bhuller who introduced us to two of his business partners – his dad
Pritam and brother Gurpreet – and as we sit down on the long benches, I feel that
the seats are reminiscent of our school canteen days.  The brothers, both well-travelled,
football-crazy and who used to live in Perth had plenty in common to chit-chat
with Aaron, who’s based there now.  

Pick from a good range of imported beer, cider and stout

They enjoy
good food and say that when they eat out, they often find the food and service
lacking and wished that those in the food industry would do things better.  About six years ago, they started to talk more
seriously about going into the business and when the opportunity arose last
year, they did the research before presenting their business proposal to
FatBoy’s.  They knew that Johor Baru is
ready for FatBoy’s and in early January 2014, their outlet opened to
enthusiastic response from fans of FatBoy’s in JB.


I take my time to check out the drinks menu, I can hear from their voices, the keen
resolve to maintain the standards of FatBoy’s food and service.  From a separate meal menu, I discover the 4
Simple Steps to build my own burger – pick a choice of bun, then the meat, fish
or veggie patty and top off with add-on items and a variety of sauces.  The menu is as wide as a table mat and as
they were mounted (by mistake) on light-weight Styrofoam, I’m told that a
customer liked it so much that he wanted to take it home to use as a pot
stand!  His request was, of course,
Thick Malt Shakes are served in tall glasses

a good range of imported beer, cider and stout, there is also a choice of soft
drinks including old-fashioned Fanta
in flavours like Orange, Strawberry and the all-time favourite, Grape.  This is so nostalgic because I suddenly remember
drinking Fanta Grape when I was a kid and was shocked to end up with a purple
tongue!  They used to come in familiar
glass bottles but now they are served in brightly designed cans.  The nostalgia continues in a choice of Coke,
Sprite and Root Beer Floats, reminiscent of the kind served in coffee-houses way
back in the 70s.


signature Thick Malt Shakes come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavours for
you to create your preferred combination with add-on items like marshmallows,
caramel, crushed Oreos, banana, peanut butter and Nutella.  Everyone has a favourite mix and it did not
take long to discover Jas’s super sweet choice of Vanilla with peanut butter
and Nutella and his brother’s favourite of Chocolate with a dash of peanut butter
topped with crushed Oreos! 


Tender fillets of boneless chicken

in Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab

in tall frosted glasses, these shakes are going to be almost as filling as an
entire meal for small-eaters like me so the guys happily shared a small portion
of each for me to sample along with Aaron’s choice of a basic Chocolate Thick
Malt Shake.  Oreo-lovers will fall in
love with the crunchy bits of Oreo in the shake but maybe FatBoy’s could
provide wider straws so that the Oreo bits do not get stuck in the straw.  And it truly takes a person with a passion
for peanut butter and Nutella to love the rich taste of vanilla mixed with two
pea-nutty add-ons.  As I slowly savour
Jas’s choice, it reminded me of the rich taste of Reese’s peanut-butter cups!

sure, specialty burgers take centre-stage at Fatboy’s but there are a few
highly recommended pub dishes to savour with drinks and to share as
starters.  The Spicy Hot Drumlets
certainly lives up to its name with just the right splash of spiciness from the
natural hot pepper taste of chili padi.  Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab is among the
favourites in the ala carte menu of items like Fish and Chips, Bangers and
Mash, Chicken Mac and Cheese, as well as steaks and salad.  When I pick a piece of the boneless chicken from
the skewers, I find out why people enjoy sharing a platter of these tender
fillets, seasoned with honey mustard and grilled with onion and peppers,
because it’s taste absolutely whets my appetite in anticipation of the main course.


The Elvis split in half to display its thick meat patty

flavoured with peanut butter and banana!

FatBoy’s we can select any burger and change to the meat patty of our choice.  So after a bit of discussion, we agree on a
variety of specialty burgers with different meat choices served with custom-made
FatBoy’s buns like the sesame seed, whole-meal or honey oat bun.  The add-on items and sauces also seem interesting
so at the guys’ suggestion, we had a sampling of three popular sauces as dips for
our fries just to sample a taste.  While the
Curry Remoulade and the Roasted Garlic Aioli are unusually good, the Wasabi Mayo
sauce turned out to be a clear favourite!


glance at the fancy names that describe the specialty burgers made me smile
because the clever play on words is rather amusing.  We must, of course, try the-star-of-the show,
the Fat Basterd, a humungous meal
made with double patties, chewy bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg topped by
sauces.  Aaron commented that this sounds
very much like how the Aussies enjoy their burgers!


Love that smokey taste of Jamaica Me Hungry

also ordered The Elvis, a burger
flavoured in the late King of Rock ‘n Roll’s unique taste for peanut butter and
banana.  As its name suggests, the Bolly Wooly is made of lamb topped with Curry
Remoulade and Mango Chutney – ala Bollywood!
As we consider our next choice of specialty burger, Gurpreet did not
hesitate to suggest his favourite, Jamaica
Me Hungry
!  I take a quick read of
the ingredients and the very thought of a topping in the wild combination of chewy
bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, coleslaw with mayo, is making me real hungry!


the burgers are served I see that each burger is stacked high with one or more
pieces of 170gm meat patty and several flavour ingredients so a slice of
lettuce and tomato is served on the side.
The meat patties are made from selected cuts that are minced and
marinated in FatBoy’s own recipes for each special type of patty.  Vegetarians can pick the mushroom patty and
add-on vegetable ingredients to build a unique veggie burger of your own.  And as the plates are pushed in front of me
for a closer look, I can’t wait for Florence to slice the burgers so that I can
savour the mouth-watering meats that I can see, are properly charred slightly on
its sides!


Chocolate Brownie topped with Vanilla ice-cream is

a perfect sweet ending!

burger connoisseurs have their peculiar preferences so I will not discuss the
taste of each specialty burger because it will take the fun out of going to
build-your-own-burger and create the flavours that agree with your particular
palate.  If you are nodding in agreement,
then you know what I mean.  A noteworthy
observation is how the sauces and meat’s natural juices do not turn the bottom
half of the bun into a soggy mess.  And
this, to me is a definite plus point. 


do not hesitate to sample each one of the burgers cut for me and must say that
I feel comfortably full when I shamelessly wipe off a tiny bit of sauce that inadvertently
got stuck to the side of my mouth!  Elvis
is still crooning a sweet melody in the background as the highly recommended
dessert is served.  A generous scoop of
vanilla ice-cream drizzled in chocolate sauce, sitting on a chocolate brownie,
is the perfect sweet ending to a delightful meal at FatBoy’s.  And did I mention that sometime between the starters
and the burgers, Aaron reached a decision to cancel his date with his futsal
gang to focus on the meal before him? Yum!


FatBoy’s the Burger Bar, is a Non-Halal restaurant located at Lot 59, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama,
81300 Skudai, Johor Baru.  Open on weekdays in the evenings from 5pm to 12 midnight and from 12 noon to 12
midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
For enquiries and reservations, Tel: 607 – 550 5417 or email:
Post by : Peggy Loh