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With the opening of the FATBOY’s Burger Bar outlet in Taman Sutera Utama early this year, Johor Bahru now has a burger specialist and a joint specially for burger enthusiasts. Read more

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Fatboy’s The Burger Bar @ One City USJ Subang

Originated from Singapore and being named one of the best burgers in Singapore, Kingsley and I can never have this missing out from our food history. Debuting in 2009 and only progressing to be better, its emergence in One City is the fourth after Publika, Skudai and Avenue K. 

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Peggy Loh – FatBoy’s Burger Bar is here!

The Fat Basterd is stacked high

with double patties, cheese and egg!

When I’m working at my desk, I will take a break every now and then to catch up with
local news on the net and that’s where I read that FatBoy’s the Burger Bar has
opened in Johor Baru.  Wow! This is the
real deal – juicy burgers with chilled beer – and they even have the option to
build-your-own-burger!  I know someone
who has been griping about a good burger meal in JB – the kind where he can
build-his-own – and I decide that this is where we must go very soon. 
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saimatkong – Fatboy’s Burger Bar @ Publika

Just like myBurgerlab’s, Crayon Burger, KGB Burger and The Grind Burger Bar, Fatboy’s Burger Bar is a burger joint serving American style food like burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, smoothies, shakes and etc which is located in between Social and San Francisco Coffee Publika.

Fatboy's Burger Bar @ Publika

The interior is just like an American diner; pub like with casual setting and creative wall art decorating the wall.

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Having heard great things about Fatboy’s burgers, I was thrilled to find a new branch just 15 minutes from home at the soon-to-be launched One City mall in USJ 25.
We paid our first visit on 31 August (Malaysia’s National Day), and my dad and I decided to share the Fat Basterd (RM29), which consists of double beef patties, extra thick bacon, cheese, fried egg and homemade Fatboy’s sauce on sesame bun. I don’t think anyone can finish this on their own.
Simply amazing. My dad is very fussy with his meats, and he gave the Fat Basterd his approval, and even stated that it’s comparable to the satisfaction of having a good steak. The beef patties were juicy and perfectly grilled.
The Fat Basterd is the burger bar’s bestseller, and I can see why.
I didn’t bring my camera then, so here’s an Instagram photo of the burger.
Fatboy’s also offers the Wimpy, half of the Fat Basterd at RM19.
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Remember how we always watch those teen series where those kids would hang out in those American diners and have those big and fat patties of meat in their burgers with huge amount of thick, fat and crispy fries on the side? Well, think again if those plump patties were pork? Proceed to the Fatboy Burger now for those juicy patties of beef or pork with generous amount of crispy fries to satisfy your burger crave.

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Customize a Pork Burger at Fatboy’s Burger Bar @

Publika had bubble up with many F&B restaurants as it had become one of my latest hit place to hunt for food. After reading numerous blog on Fatboy’s Burger that I walk pass many times yet could not find many friends to go with until last few weekends. Some good review pull our expectation up on that day and gearing up ourself to hunt for this sinful big burger. The brand that originate from Singapore and now it had kick off their first outlet in Malaysia.

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When it first opened, I thought Fatboy’s was a milkshake bar, with its black and white patchy cow interior. I’d walk past it en route to The Bee and as the weeks went by, I noticed that there would always be a line or a small crowd waiting to be seated – a sign that Fat Boy’s was slowly catching on. I was intrigued – it was about time I gave the place a go. Read more – Of Foods and Travels

My fondness for a good ’gourmet-ish’ burger has been a never-ending one. The first time I had a good burger was at The Daily Grind in Bangsar. That was aeons ago. But ever since then, my search for a good burger has been intensified, albeit lazy attempts, and I found my favourite one as far as in Singapore (here).

Fatboy's The Burger Bar, Publika Solaris Dutamas

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The Yum List – Fat Boys, Solaris Dutamas

If the funkily painted walls and rock n’ roll tunes blasting the speakers at Fat Boys haven’t got you smiling already a glance at the menu with names such as Fat Bastard and Jamaican Me Hungry will. Juicy burgers, made in house that will leave sauce running down your chin and arms, have got the place packed every evening. The two tasty temptresses we tried were the Big Bello – a portobello mushroom marinated in balsamic vinegar befriended by caramelized onion, pineapple, cheese and mayonnaise, and Jamaican Me Hungry – a moist pork patty with similar friends as the Big Bello. Both were accompanied by a flimsy salad and crisp fat fries. This Singaporean chain attempts to make everyone happy with pork, vegetarian, wholegrain and traditional options. You can even customize your own burger. But, that, I leave to the experts, not known for self control my production might be more appropriate for a horse’s mouth, or a Fat Boy even.  😉

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