Customize a Pork Burger at Fatboy’s Burger Bar @

Publika had bubble up with many F&B restaurants as it had become one of my latest hit place to hunt for food. After reading numerous blog on Fatboy’s Burger that I walk pass many times yet could not find many friends to go with until last few weekends. Some good review pull our expectation up on that day and gearing up ourself to hunt for this sinful big burger. The brand that originate from Singapore and now it had kick off their first outlet in Malaysia.

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When it first opened, I thought Fatboy’s was a milkshake bar, with its black and white patchy cow interior. I’d walk past it en route to The Bee and as the weeks went by, I noticed that there would always be a line or a small crowd waiting to be seated – a sign that Fat Boy’s was slowly catching on. I was intrigued – it was about time I gave the place a go. Read more